Choosing The Right Air Conditioner Contractor

If you need a new air conditioner installed or have one that needs to be repaired, then you will need to hire a professional to do the job. However, you will need to choose the right air conditioner contractor for the job. This will ensure that the job is done the right way. There are several things that you will need to look for in an air conditioner contractor.

Know What You Need to Get Done

Before you call an air conditioner contractor, you will need to know what you need to have done. Take the time to find out as much as you can about your air conditioner. Make sure that you know the make and model of your air conditioner. If you don’t have a new air conditioner, then you will need to know the maintenance history of your unit.

Additionally, you will need to write down all of the issues that your unit has. If you know what needs to be done, then it will be easier for you to find someone who can take care of the service.

Get Recommendations

Your family members and friends likely know someone who can perform air conditioning work. That is why one of the best things that you can do in order to find the right contractor for the job is to ask your family members and friends. What were some of the things that you liked about the contractor? Do you feel like the cost was worth it? What are some of the reasons that you are recommending this contractor? Those are examples of some of the questions that you will need to ask your family members and friends about the contractor.

Take a Good Look Online

The internet is a great resource for finding an air conditioner contractor. You can find out a lot about an air conditioner contractor by looking online. You will need to check out the air conditioner contractor’s credentials. Make sure that they have had the necessary training and have the proper credentials. You will also need to see if the air conditioner contractor is a member of a professional organization.

Additionally, you will need to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the air conditioner contractor has had any complaints. The Better Business Bureau will also give a business grade that ranges from A+ to F. You can also check out reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List.

Another thing to check is a general search by doing a keyword search on Google.  To do so, do a search for a company specific to your area with the city name and the type of contractor you are looking for.  For example, if you need an air conditioning company in Manteca, CA, you might search for “Manteca Air Conditioning” which will give you a list of companies to check out.

The Estimate

You should set a budget before you hire an air conditioner contractor. You should not choose someone who gives you an over-the-phone estimate. No one can give you an accurate estimate over the phone. They will have to come to your home and assess what needs to be done. There are many air conditioner contractors who will provide you with a no-cost home estimate.

It is a good idea to get multiple estimates before you hire an air conditioner contractor. However, you do not necessarily want to choose someone who gives you the lowest estimate. You don’t want to go over your budget, but you want to choose someone who will do great work. The quality of the work is often linked to the price. A good air conditioner contractor will do the best work possible for a price that you can afford.

Proof of Insurance

Air conditioning work can be quite dangerous. People can easily get hurt while working. If the contractor does not have insurance, then you could be responsible for paying for their injuries. That is why it is important for you to choose someone who has both workers compensation insurance and general liability insurance. You will need to ask for proof of insurance.

Good References

It is important to select an air conditioner contractor who has a good reputation. You can find out about the type of reputation that an air conditioner contractor has by talking to previous references. You should contact at least three references. Ask them about the experience that they had when they worked with the air conditioner contractor.

You should also ask questions about the contractor’s demeanor and professionalism. If multiple people say positive things about an air conditioner contractor, then you can likely trust them to do good work.

Get Everything in Writing

Before you hire an air conditioner contractor, you will need to get everything in writing. The contract should include what your service will entail. It should also include the cost estimate. Additionally, it should give an estimated date of completion for the service.


A good air conditioner contractor will make sure that they stay in touch with you. It doesn’t matter whether they stay in touch by email, phone or text message. They will let you know when they are available. They will also let you know ahead of time if they will need to make any last minute changes.


Air conditioner contractors know that your time is precious. That is why they will try their best to make sure that they arrive on time. You should choose someone who strives to be punctual. Additionally, they should show up to your home looking like they are ready to work.

Go With the Gut Feeling

You should listen to the gut feeling that you have about a contractor. If something does not feel right, then you should not hesitate to talk to another contractor. You deserve to get the best service possible.

Keeping Cool Without An A/C

Many homeowners are wondering if they can afford to include A/C in their budget, with the seemingly ever-increasing cost of energy bills, especially as it’s starting to become hotter in many places. These tips can help you to become a little less dependent on your air conditioner, whether you are trying to save money or have thought of doing without air conditioning altogether.

Is It a Want or a Need?

You may not need your air on to survive, although you may like to have it on to feel comfortable, maintain a sustainable environment, and control the humidity levels in your home. Having cool air in your home helps people with asthma to breathe more easily, and can play an important role in preventing older people from overheating.

However, if your air conditioner has accumulated a lot of dirt, mold, and dust, it can actually be more harmful than beneficial to your health, and some health conditions can be made worse if your A/C unit isn’t maintained properly. Your system should be inspected and cleaned regularly if you do feel you can’t live without air conditioning.

The Cost Of Cooling

You should reckon air conditioning Tampa FL costing between $25 and $50 a month to run just one small window air conditioner unit, and many people consider that extra cost just isn’t worth it. And A/C can also feel unnaturally cold to some people, meaning that they prefer more natural and less costly ways to keep cool.

You also have to weigh up the ‘cost’ of not having people wanting to stay overnight in your home as they feel it is too stuffy and hot if you don’t have any air conditioning running. The true value of air conditioning really extends way past just the cost of your monthly bill, and you have to weigh up all these factors to make a decision.

Keeping Cool Without An Air Conditioner

It is possible to do without A/C for most of the year, and some simple tricks will allow you to run your air conditioner for fewer hours, yet remain tolerably cool.

  • If the humidity is lower outside than inside your home, and it’s a cool night, open your windows. Close them again before the sun has risen the next morning.
  • Blackout curtains or less expensive thick blankets or quilts can be used to cover up your windows during the day and can make a remarkable difference when it comes to keeping you cool.
  • If you are using the stove or bathroom, always turn on the ventilation fans. And use your ceiling fans to circulate air, although remember they should turn counter clockwise.

Consider using a crockpot or cooking on the grill outside instead of making your home warm with the oven and other appliances. And instead of using the dryer, dry your clothes on a line outside.

  • You don’t need to cool the entire house if you aren’t using all of it; closing up available rooms can make a difference. Even on the hottest nights, a portable air conditioner in a bedroom with the door shut can keep you cool enough.

A swamp cooler or heat pump may be realistic alternatives to a whole house air conditioner. But before you upgrade or replace that costly equipment, get the advice of a professional.